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What is Myopia?

Myopia or nearsightedness is a common vision disorder. Your distance vision is affected by myopia. Myopia occurs when light rays incorrectly bend (refract) due to the shape of the eye or specific parts of the eye.

The retina is the area on the back of the eye where light should be focused, but in the case of nearsightedness, the light is focused in front of the retina.

Childhood and adolescence are when nearsightedness often develops. In general, between the ages of 20 and 40, it stabilizes.

What is Myopia Management?

It is crucial to slow myopia development as far as possible because of the issues that severe myopia may cause. Eyeglasses can potentially correct myopia, but they cannot reduce the advancement of myopia. Even if you think your child can see perfectly, their myopia is still getting worse.

Treatments prevent the development of myopia rather than only restoring the eyesight. Contact lenses, eyeglasses, and prescription eye drops are some ways to do this. Myopia management is possible with MiSight contact lenses, the first FDA approved soft lenses for Myopia management.

A three-year, multi-country clinical examination of the MiSight lens on 144 children aged 8 to 12 found that it could prevent the development of myopia by up to 59%.

The Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program in Los Angeles Area

For children with myopia, the Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program aims to establish a new standard of care. A complete management program using MiSight daily disposable contact lenses creates the ideal environment for satisfaction, compliance, clinical outcomes, and persistent loyalty. It offers inclusive child and parent support.
You can support your child's promising and bright future via the assistance offered by the Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program.

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