TearCare Treatment

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One of the newest ways of treating Blepharitis, Dry Eyes and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction is called TearCare. TearCare is a safe and efficient method to treating the underlying factors leading to dry eyes. TearCare functions by supplying the eyelids with directed heat. A wearable eyelid tech device gently heats the meibomian glands to liquefy the meibum, clear away obstructions, and increase tear production. TearCare is exceptional as it offers patients a customized open-eye experience, allowing the patient to remain comfortable throughout the entire process.

TearCare procedure

TearCare makes it possible to keep your eyes open throughout the treatment, unlike other similar dry eye treatments. The procedure begins with the placement of two flexible eyelid devices on the upper and lower eyelids. They sit perfectly on the eyelids throughout the TearCare procedure and adhere to the natural form of your eye thanks to their soft, flexible material. Through the applicators, a steady therapeutic heat will be delivered, which, along with blinking, will aid in clearing the glands of obstructions. The doctor will express the meibomian glands as part of your treatment to help clear obstructions that may increase oil production, leading to a healthy tear film and a decrease in the symptoms of dry eye.

After a TearCare procedure, you may or may not need eye drops. This mostly depends on your situation as every patient is unique. You can become less dependent on eye drops as a consequence of your TearCare procedure. It is still possible that you will need to use eye drops after your treatment. A follow-up consultation is planned around 3–4 weeks following your procedure to assure optimized outcomes.

The TearCare Treatment in Los Angeles Area

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