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Whether you need a color vision test for work or for your own knowledge, our doctors provide extensive color vision testing compliant with the standards of all occupational unions in the area, making us their trusted resource for their employees.

color vision testing

What is color blindness?

Color blindness is a condition which makes it difficult to differentiate between colors (typically red and green, or blue and yellow) and/or hues of them. Types of color blindness include red-green, blue-yellow, and complete color blindness.

Red-green color blindness makes it difficult to differentiate between the colors red and green.

Blue-yellow color blindness makes it difficult to tell between blue and green, yellow and red, and in certain cases, purple and red, and yellow and pink.

Complete color blindness restricts colors to black, white, and hues of gray.

the eye with color blindness

Who does color blindness affect?

Color blindness affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women.

It is usually congenital (present at birth), but may also be caused by certain medication, disease, poisoning, or trauma to the eye.

How is color blindness diagnosed?

Color blindness is usually diagnosed using color plates. These are images showing a number or shape made of dots of one color and surrounded by dots of another color. The colors are picked in a way that makes it difficult or impossible for a color blind person to see the number. There are plates with different colors for different types of color blindness.

Hue tests are another popular method. In this type of exam, you are asked to arrange small chips of different hues in a way that minimizes the difference of color between two neighboring chips. The chips at the ends are used as anchors. You may be given one or four arrays of colors. This method categorizes your color vision as low, average, or high.

Lantern tests use lights colored red, green, and blue, and are more superficial than color plate or hue tests.

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