Optilight IPL by Lumenis

optilight for dry eye

Lumenis Optilight IPL is the only FDA approved Intense Pulse Light (IPL) device indicated for dry eye treatment. Optilight allows us to target dry eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction and ocular rosacea by eliminating inflammatory factors on the skin.

Optilight targets blood vessels around the eyelids, Demodex mites that cause blepharitis, and other proinflammatory markers.

A Bright Solution For Dry Eyes

By targeting this inflammation we can bring back the function of the meibomian glands, which relieves the symptoms of dry eye. Optilight IPL also delivers skin tightening and anti-aging properties, providing a youthful look after just one treatment.

What Happens During OptiLight Treatment?

Once your doctor determines that Optilight IPL is right for you, your initial treatments can be scheduled about 3-4 weeks apart, with 3-4 sessions to begin. During the treatment, your eyes will be covered with eye shields for optimal protection and coupling gel (similar to ultrasound gel) will be applied to the face.

The light will then be applied to the areas determined by your doctor in pulses with very little to essentially no discomfort. This procedure takes about 15 minutes when accounting for prep-time. ​

Four sessions are recommended for best results, and follow ups will be recommended by your doctor 4-6 months after your initial procedure sequence. After the initial sequence of four sessions, the sessions will be done one by one and will be spread out as deemed necessary by your doctor.

Optilight Dry Eye Treatment in Los Angeles Area

​To determine if Optilight IPL is right for you, schedule a dry eye evaluation at Woodley Optometry with Dr. Amadian.

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