Emergency Eye Care

What happens if your contact lens gets stuck in your eye? Or how about “What happens when you get sudden eye pain?” Most patients don't know where to go for emergency eye care as most emergency rooms are not equipped with tools to accurately diagnose common eye conditions.

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What is an eye emergency?

Situations considered eye emergecies are divided into several categories: blunt force injury, sharp force injury, chemical injury, objects stuck in the eye, internal problems, etc.

Blunt force injury happens when something hits your eye causing bleeding or bruising in or around it. Pooling of blood in the eye is called a hyphema. Bruises usually resolve on their own, however it is best to see a doctor to insure there are no fractures. A hyphema is most definitely a medical emergency.

Sharp force injury is caused by knives, saws, glass shards, nails, etc. Cuts on the eyelid or the eye itself require immediate medical attention.

Chemical injury is caused by strong chemicals such as washing detergents. In case of such an emergency, you should flush your eye with lukewarm running water and contact us or visit the nearest emergency room immediately.

If an object gets stuck in your eye, it is best to avoid trying to remove it by yourself. Contact us or visit the nearest emergency room to get professional help as soon as possible.

Health problems can cause eye emergencies too. Glaucoma and diabetes are two examples.

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Symptoms of an eye emergency:

  • Sudden change or loss of vision

  • Pain in or around the eye

  • A bleeding eye

  • A scratch or cut on or close to the eye

  • A hyphema (blood on the front side of the eyeball)

In case of an emergency, don't touch or rub your eye or try to remove foreign objects or contact lenses. Those actions can make the injury worse.

Emergency eye care in Encino, Los Angeles Area

Our eye doctors are available to help with eye-related emergencies during our normal business hours. We are able to offer same-day urgent appointments for many eye emergencies, saving patients time and cost compared to going to the emergency room or urgent care. However, If you believe you are having a sight threatening or life threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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