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A New Way To Slow Down Nearsightedness!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, the increased use of tablets, smartphones and computers from a young age may have something to do with the growing numbers. Though Woodley Optometry has been providing Myopia Control services for years with hard contact lenses and orthokeratology, we are excited to announce that we are certified to fit, prescribe and dispense MiSight multifocal contact lenses, the first FDA approved soft contact lens for Myopia Management and Myopia Control!

MiSight multifocal contact lenses and the brilliant futures program give us the flexibility to not only correct myopia via a soft contact lens, but help slow down the progression.

Slow down the progression...what does this mean?

Slowing down myopia or myopia control is an umbrella term for various techniques used to slow down a patient's prescription from progressing beyond normal limits. Our doctors will assess and analyze various parameters to check if a patient is a candidate for any type of myopia control technique.

Have more questions? Our staff and doctors are always happy to answer your every concern. Schedule a consultation today to determine the best myopia management technique for you or your child!

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